Chapman Hamborg grew up in Huntington Beach, California, where he was homeschooled with his four brothers. This allowed him to pursue his passion for creativity early on, encouraging him to practice art at a young age. It also gave him the freedom to spend much of his childhood surfing and experiencing the outdoors. Much of his early inspiration as an artist flowed from this deep connection with nature and his love of the ocean.

He was classically trained for nine years under Kim Frassett of Terra Arts Foundation. At the age of sixteen he earned a scholarship for a summer course at Laguna College of Art & Design, which cultivated his desire to study realism. He then moved to Florence, Italy, where he studied classic realist drawing and painting for three years at Angel Academy of Art; he also spent a year there teaching Artistic Anatomy. Chapman was selected as a fellow for the Hudson River Fellowship in 2013. 2014 was a big year for Chapman: he won first place in the Art Renewal Center's Annual International Scholarship Competition, farmed and painted throughout Spain, and married the love of his life. The following year, he returned to Florence with his wife to study figurative sculpture under Rob Bodem at Florence Academy of Art. Most recently, Chapman was commissioned to sculpt an anatomical heart for Bethel Music’s album cover of Have It All, which became #1 album on all of iTunes.

His diverse combination of experiences and training has developed a beautiful variety in Chapman’s abilities and interests as an artist. He enjoys drawing, sculpting, and painting landscapes, portraits, still life and figures. He travels often with his wife, painting landscapes and people along the way.

Chapman is adamant about working from life; his relationship with God and His creation is a primary source of inspiration. He believes that rather then simply replicating what he sees, it is the experience with the environment and the model that is integral to expressing the art. It is what makes the art alive, and as an artist, it is his joy to interpret what he is witnessing.
Chapman’s permanent residency is in California, where he teaches art, while working on commissions and personal work.